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About US

Our Mission

Norris Lake Protection Alliance (NLPA), a non-profit corporation, was established in 2022 to provide a unifying voice to people who regard the environmental preservation of Norris Lake as a top priority, enabling current and future generations to enjoy the responsible use of this geological jewel.

Whom We Represent

NLPA represents anyone who works on, lives on or is in close proximity to, or enjoys the lake part time or full time. NLPA is focused on the waterfront environment and will continue to have this primary reason for being.

Our History

The Friends of Sharps Chapel was established in spring of 2016 to protest the use of herbicide spraying by Powell Valley Electric. This effort was successful getting residents to post no spray zones on their own properties.

In September 2021, after hearing about the sale of a farm to a company for mass production of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) eggs in Sharps Chapel TN, several concerned residents started their investigation into this potentially environmentally hazardous facility and a core group held meetings once a month and continues to do so. It was substantiated that this facility will have no government regulations to follow as it pertained to air and potential water pollution.  A major concern is pollution of waterways by runoff and disposal of waste materials such as manure and wastewater. In addition, the emissions of ammonia and nitrates from this very large facility have the potential to cause air pollution thereby polluting the nearby waterways including Norris Lake.

In 2022, a need was identified to broaden the base beyond Sharps Chapel to encompass the entire Norris Lake region.  As a result, NLPA, a separate organization apart from the Friends of Sharps Chapel, was formed.

Present On-Going Efforts

Our beginning efforts are concentrated in two areas:

  1. Water & Air Quality Initiative.  We will protect and promote water and air quality testing known as the Water & Air Quality Initiative.  The actions of property owners on the lands draining to the lake, and shoreline and in the water have the potential to affect water quality, habitats for wildlife, safety on the water and enjoyment of our lake culture. 

  2. Promote Responsible Land Use.  We will promote responsible use of property and land use to conserve Norris Lake and its surroundings. We will advocate for strong environmental standards and smart forward thinking, to protect our lake, and surrounding communities and farmland.

Additionally, NLPA plans to:

  • Work towards a non-profit designation with legal representation. We do expect to receive it, but haven’t yet. Application is in the works.

  • Educate new members of NLPA with the history and ongoing development of the Alpes Sanfer Owned SPF Egg factory.  Continue to educate marinas, fishing guides, local HOA’s, realtors, tourism sites and restaurants, grocery stores etc. about environmental protection policies of NLPA

  • Continue with Water and Air Quality testing

  • Sell individual and corporate sponsorships / stickers to support NLPA – KEEP NORRIS BLUE

  • Increase volunteer recruitment for testing, marketing initiatives etc.

  • Market and sell t-shirts to the Norris Lake community

  • Recruit local business as sponsors of NLPA 

Future Initiatives with Increased Volunteer Participation

  • Develop a “good neighborhood” water and land neighborhood watch program


  • Mail minutes of meetings and initiatives updates to the NLPA membership

  • Develop a photo contest with an annual winner featured in the newsletter

  • Develop a strategic plan for NLPA including shore erosion and land development initiatives

  • Recruit corporate sponsors who can donate to: the Water and Air Quality Initiative program or donate to a newly formed PRESERVE NORRIS LAKE FUND where funds would go to obtaining advice of technical or legal experts when challenging issues arise on waterfront issues

Our Values

  • Dedication: we give our time for the preservation, enjoyment and conservation of Norris Lake and its surroundings.

  • Integrity: to conduct ourselves in the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics

  • Respect: respectful of all members, partners, volunteers and political representation of the Norris Lake region

  • Collaboration: achieve shared goals with members of NLPA and those involved in the same mission of lake preservation



To Donate to NLPA

Send check payable to NLPA and mail to this address:  NLPA P.O. Box 27, Sharps Chapel, TN  37866

Meet The Team

Meet the Team
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