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Frequently Asked Questions

Glad You Asked That

What's new for 2024?

We are expanding the event to 34 trailers (up from 30).   There is a rare behind-the-scenes tour of the Cumberland Gap Tunnel control center on the 2nd floor.  Free but only 20 tickets available.  Mary Mars is leading an 8-mile loop trail to Sand Cave and White Rocks -- go if you are able, it is a unique experience.  Skate World in Middlesboro has been made available exclusively for us.  Go back in time and experience this original historic roller skating venue complete with disco ball.  If you can't skate, at least pop in and look around.  A hike to Chained Rock near Calvin KY is only 1 mile.  Weird history but fun to experience.   We also are offering bowling!  And yes, the Olde Mill B&B is doing their homemade meal again, but this year the theme is Italian.  You will not be disappointed.  Gourmet all the way.   We are offering different things on the schedule to do this year.  Hard to choose what to narrow down.

Is there a place to take showers?

NEW in 2022.  Yes!  For those of you with no gray tanks or very small gray tanks, a bathroom is available for no charge.  This is located in a VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) bungalo on the main street where we will be parked.  The owner is reserving it for our exclusive use during our Streamin' the Gap rally.  It is actually a Sears Roebuck and Co. mail order home.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute.

What hookup utilities can we expect?

Up to two trailers will be sharing 20 amp electric on the street -- this means that you are only guaranteed 10 amp.  You will need to come with the proper converters for your 30 amp / 50 amp power cord AND a 50' extension cord as the telephone poles may be spaced far apart.  Please do not try to run your A/C or Microwave. 

NOTE:  If you are the lucky few that may have their own 20 amp circuit, we still ask that you NOT try to run your A/C or Microwave -- even though you can without tripping your breaker.   We don't want anyone to think that some are getting special perks.


Arrive with a full freshwater tank and empty grey and black water tanks.  A free dump station is 12 miles away at Cat Daddy's Sunoco station in Tazewell, TN for you to use when you leave.

Let Them Eat & Drink Pumpkin - What is this all about?

This is a community event provided by the Guardians where members of the community enter their favorite pumpkin food and/or beverage into this contest.  Anyone that wants to sample the food can pay $10 for a plate full of samples from each entry.  They receive a ticket to vote and can then vote on their favorite sample.  P.S.  I would bet that if you wanted to enter the contest as a participant, you could.  The town would adopt you for one day!

Is there a trailer open house?

Yes!  A time will be set aside on Saturday afternoon for a street fair with activities, a car show, and a geneaology festival.

Your Airstreams will create a lot of interest.  People may ask to look inside.  If you'd like to show off the interior, they would be thrilled for the opportunity to experience your lifestyle.

What is the "Cans for a Cause" Competition?

This is a chance to have some fun and benefit the local food bank.  We encourage you to decorate your exterior in a Halloween theme.


Visitors and other participants will be encouraged to vote for what they think is the best themed trailer by depositing canned goods in front of your trailer.  You can vote also by bringing your own canned goods to place in front of your favorite trailer(s) -- including your own!

Are dogs welcome?

Yes.  In fact a number of veterinary students attending nearby Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) live in Cumberland Gap and owning a pet just might just be their most popular hobby.  You and your pet will feel right at home.

Where can I dump my black tank?

There is a free dump station 10 miles from Cumberland Gap in the town of Tazewell, TN.  It is called "Cat Daddy's" Sunoco and is located next to KFC.  You cannot dump at the nearby National Park Campground called Wilderness Trail Campground.  They don't have the capacity for all of us.   

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy Is technically no refunds but if you give sufficient notice and we have a waiting list and can fill your slot, which did happen last year, we can give a full refund.

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